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Utilities for Unity3D.

Pincha here para ver ésta página en Español.


This utility will let you improve the performance of your outdoor scenes avoiding to dtraw the objets that are too far away from the camera.

See the screencast showing how it works (in spanish): Unity3D - Utilidad de CullLayers

Download CullLayers Utility:


CLOUDSTOY (Free with attribution licence terms).

CloudsToy is a packpage to create and modify volumetric clouds, avoiding you to write a single line of code. You can change his size, color, movement velocity, cloud undercolor, render mode (shader) & much more ...

CloudsToy is offered for free, under the following Licencing Terms. However, donations are greatly appreciated and will be encourage us to continue improving this and other future utilities with new features focused in Unity.

Promotional video of CloudsToy (in Spanish): CloudsToy pata Unity3D - Presentacion.

CloudsToy Download : CloudsToy v1.2

CloudsToy Download - Unity 4.0: CloudsToy v1.3 for Unity 4.x

CloudsToy Download - Unity 5.0: CloudsToy v1.0 for Unity 5.x



Set of basic scripts athat allows you to create doors, elevators, cannons, bliking lights. There are time counters and countdown counters, GUI size fixers, 'bullet' effect (slow motion) and even a basic example showing seeker missils.

Presentation video: Basic Scripts. Presentación.

Download BasicScripts (Unity 4.x): BasicScripts

Download BasicScripts BasicScripts (Unity 3.5.x): BasicScripts v1.1 - Unity



This utility allows you to create text lines, colorize or add tooltips to the variables that are listed in the Unity's Inspector window. Very usefull to organize the variables on the window using a very easy method.

Presentation video: Colorizer. Presentación.

Descarga de Colorizer (Unity 4.x): Colorizer



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