Change Log.
Version 0.92 (02/07/2013).
-Initial Release

Version 0.93 (18 July, 2013)
- Created a GUITexture with a keyboard map of the FPC Pro's controls.
- Created an OnGUI draggable window to show the FPC Pro Status. The status text in colored.
- GUIText on screen to show the keys used to activate these two previous features ('K' and 'J').
- Added/changed comments in some scripts.
- Changed FPC Pro's states. Now there are three kinds of states: movement, position, action.
- Added DoNothing to the action states.
- Changed movement state IsStanding with IsStop.
- Don't allow to remain active the isJumping state when kicking.
- Don't allow to prone/crouch in the water.
- Changed the states isPerformingCrouch and isPerformingProne to static in FPCStatus script.
- Added "FPC" prefix to AnimatedProjector y GUI_Adjust scripts names.
- Bug Fixed: now the movement states works fine when jumping.
- Bug Fixed: now update properly the isWalking state when proned/crouched.
- Bug Fixed: InAir state disabled when swimming or divin.

​Version 0.94 (22 October, 2013)
- NEW: Ledge treatement. Now, the FPC Pro can hang from, jump backwards, move laterally and climb Ledges.
- New Tag "Ledge" created.
- New position states: isInLadder, isInLedge, isJumpingFromLedge.
- Changes in FPCLedge, FPCLadder, FPCStatus, FPCSwim, FPCCameraBobber y FPCSoundPlayer in order to update those new states.
- New ledge sounds effects added. (hit the ledge, walk laterally and climb).
- On-Screen status GUI updated to show these new states.
- NEW: Camera roll effect (in Z axis). Camera roll effect when walking or running. (Parameters in FPCCameraBobber).
- NEW: DirtyLens feature.
- FPCWaterDropPlaneEffect renamed to FPCDirtyLensEffect.
- FPCDirtyLensEffect code updated to make possible the new dirtyLens and waterDrop planes.
- Bug Fixed: El FPC Pro is now always well aligned respect the ladder and looking towards.
- Bug Fixed: Not allow jumps/kicks when we are in prone/crouch position.
- Bug Fixed: Fixed issue detecting a ladder.
- Bug Fixed: The camera's target position when crouching/proning while jumping is always reached.
- Bug Fixed: Now you can always climb again a ladder. No more detection issues.
- Bug Fixed: When crouching/pronin in Air, the camera always reach the desired position.
- Improved: Crouch/Prone NOT sustained mode. Now you can select witch mode to use when crouching/proning.
- Sustained: The appropiate key must be pressed all the time to stay in that status.
- Not Sustained: Press to activate the status. Press again to deactivate.
- Added OnScreen GUI option to change this sustained mode.
- Improved: The user can cancel the fall & ledge camera rotations moving the mouse around as before,
but now the rotation always start a little bit before cancelling it.
- Improved : Now when jumping the aceleration/deceleration sprinting can be progresive.
FPCCharacterMotor changed to allow this feature.
New vars to adjust the effect in FPCStatus->Sprint.
- Improved: Now you can select in inspector view if you want to use the backwards key when climbing a ladder.
- Change: Swim and SwimSprint inspector variables has been renamed. Now they are more understandeble.
(SwimSpeed, Accel, AccelTime changed by MinSpeed, MaxSpeed y AccelRatio).
- Change: Changed the WaterDrop's textures and the material's shader.
- Change: Lightmaps reduced at 512 resolution (previouly 1024).
- Change: Caustics textures reduced at 256 (prebiouly 512).
- Change: SkyBoxes Textures in Standard Asset reduced at 512 (Unity's originals are 1024)
- Change: Erased Glass Refraction textures (not used in this package).

Version 0.95 (09 December, 2013)
- NEW: Obstacles (LowLedges). Now you can jump obtacles performing a cool climb camera effect too.
- NEW: Camera roll effect created when climbing a ledge or lowledge.
- NEW: FPCMouseLook now has a smoothed movement (vars to control it: smoothXTime & smoothYTime).
- Improved: FPCCameraBobber script is more clean now and has been improved a little bit.
- Improved: FPCMouseLook - CameraFall and CameraRoll functions are more clear and simple.
- Improved: FPCMouseLook - Two funcions added AddRecoil y ReturnRecoil (for future -maybe-weapons recoil).
- Bug Fixed: FPCMouseLook now performs always right the cameraFall function.
- Bug Fixed: FPCCameraBobber - the function that moves the camera down/up always do it right now.
- Bug Fixed: Camera limits in ledges & ladders now works fine.

Version 0.96 (25 March, 2014)
- NEW: Walk, Sprint, Prone y Crouch have their own Ground/Air acceleration values.
- NEW: New IsSliding Status (now you can slide if you crouch when you are running).
- NEW: The FPC Pro can catch/drag and launch/drop any object.
- NEW: Terrain step sounds dependeding on the terrain's texture the FPC Pro is walking over.
- NEW: Smart Crosshair.
- Improved: DirtyLens y SprintFOV effects can be used at once.
- Improved: Removed layer dependecy in code.
- Improved: Sprint now has sustained mode too.
- Bug Fixed: Now the jump state is always updated (not need to drag a sprint GUI inset).
- Bug Fixed: The light works fine even if you dont assign any battery life GUI bar.

Version 0.97 (22 June, 2014)
- NEW: Pro_Indie Underwater and WaterDrop effects.
- NEW: Oxygen and battery UI bars can now fadeIn/Out in screen (they show in screen only when needed).
- Improved the Waterdrop Pro version effect.
- Improved: Centralized and easy configuration of DirtyLens, WaterDrop and Underwater effects.
- Improved: Moved the Damage fadeTime variable to the FPCStatus script.
- Improved: Several minor changes in some minor scripts to hide several public variables.
- Changes: Keyboard configuration changed regarding features to come in future updates.
- Bug Fix: The Status window now shows when the FPC Pro is jumping a LowLedge.

Version 0.98 (02 October, 2014)
- NEW: Created a data info collector script for every FPC Pro's single action.
- Improved: Created new script to show the FPC Pro Status (FPCStatusGUIJS).
- Improved: Created new script to show the FPC Pro's catch ability status (FPCCatchStatusGUIJS).
- Removed the code from their original places (FPCStatusJS and FPCCatchObject).
- Improved the FPC Pro status window to show the object below it in runtime (FPCStatusGUIJS).
- Improved: Now the FPC will see the object below it when stading/walking or running.
- Improved the StepSoundDetector by using the new object below function to play steps sounds.
- Improved: Simplekick internal code is now more cear and short.
- Fixed Bug: IsSliding status in FPCStatusJS doens't return false positive.

Version 0.99 (03 February, 2015)
- NEW: Fly mode.
- Fixed Bug: SoundManager script will now let play any other AudioSource in the scene.

Version 1.0 (10 February, 2015)
- NEW: Wall Run Mode.
- NEW: Double Jump.
- Improved: Sliding code to make it more arcade.
- Fixed several bugs.
- Partial Unity 5 compatibility.

​Version 1.1 (19 March, 2015)
- NEW: In screen Compass (2D & 3D compass).
- NEW: Unity 5 Demo scene using all 'Pro' features (Water & effects).
- Improved: FPC Pro water detection has been improved (no more swim when your are standing in the water).
- FixBug: The bullet now uses trigger + raycast system to avoid weird collision responses agains the FPC Pro.
- Fix Bug: waterdrops animation weird bug fixed (getting in/out the water surface too quickly fired the bug).
- Fix Bug: No more jumps when the FPC Pro is climbing a wall ledge.

Version 1.11 (29 March, 2015)
- Improve: Now you can get ladders when flying (configurable in the Inspector Window).
- FixBug: When climbing a ledge if try to jump, the jump sound doesn't play anymore.
- FixBug: Now the jump sound effect is always played when performing a doublejump.
- FixBug: When flying the ladder detection doesn't fire any error anymore.
- FixBug: Can't catch an object if FPC Pro is standing over it.
- FixBug: FPC pro now detects if it is standing in water (without activating swim or dive status). Can run or jump in water now.
- FixBug: DirtyLes is working in Unity v5.x

Version 1.2 (17 May, 2015)
- NEW: Project updated to Unity v4.5.0
- NEW: Inspector colored and variables tooltiped. Added property drawers (Colorizer) to make the inspector look better.
- NEW: Created a PlatformJumper.
- NEW: Created a Pause script and modified the FPCMouseLook to make it work properly.
- Improve: added an option to swim backwards in Inspector window.
- FixBug: when exiting the water the FPC Pro velocity wont be reseted anymore.

Version 1.3 (01 Sept, 2015)
- NEW: Teleport platforms.
- NEW: Death zones (to simulate damage made by fire, gas, etc...)
- Improved: Now the FPC Pro can swim with a constant velocity or making 'strokes'. (Swim ->Swim Style)
- Changed: FPCSoundPlayer (added a new public function to play sounds).
FPCDetectPickup (easier to understand).
- Fix Bug: Jumper script -FPCJumperJS- no longer fires an error. Removed 'Jumper' tag, it is NOT needed anymore.

Version 1.4 (28 Sept, 2015)
- NEW: Created kickback effect that pushes the FPC. ( FPCSTatusJS.AddImpact() )
- NEW: Created constant pushers and one-time pushers examples.
- NEW: Created fixed forward direction pushers (will push the FPC in the platform forward direction).
- Change: Updated enemy bullet that affects the FPC when impact - kickback effect-. (FPCEnemyBulletMngr).

Version 1.4.1 (10 Jan, 2016)
- Minor bug fixed in FPCAIRobotJS (related Unity v5.3.1).
- Minor bugs fixed in conditional compilation in several scripts (related to Unity v4.7)

Version 1.4.2 (04 Apr, 2016)
- Plugins folder functionality: Modified several scrips to remove dependencies in Colorizer and MathdExt
Now the entire FPC Pro/scripts folder can be moved to plugions folder (C# compatibility).
- The Plugins folder will not be included in the asset (now it is empty)

Version 1.5.0 (15 Apr, 2017)
- Updated FPC Pro project to Unity v4.6.0
- Updated FPC GUI status in screen to Unity's UI.
* New UISliders for: Health, Run/Jump, Diving Oxygen, Fly Gas, Light battery.
* New UIImage used in effects: Damage, Teleportation.
* New UIImage for keyboard map.
- Updated several scripts to use this new UI system.
- Updated Compass and CrossAir scripts to add a keyboard disable detection option.
* If disabled, cannot change betwen different compass/crossairs types.
- Updated SoundManager. It will not be controlling FPCPro's external AudioSources.
- FIX BUG: Updated fall/land impact damage calculations.

Version 1.6.0 (12 Aug, 2017)
- Updated FPC Pro project to Unity v5.
- NEW: FPCInputJS script (new FPCPro's Input Manager class).
- Renamed Indie/Pro water effects to Mobile/Pro.
- Deleted several assets related to Unity v4.x stuff.
- Removed Resources folder and relocated several folders.
- Unity 2017 compatible (Warning msg fixed).

Version 2.0.0 (10 Jan, 2018)
- Minimal Unity version supported is Unity 5.5.0
- All scripts are converted to C#.
- Plugins folder deleted.
- Key detection used in information panels has been improved (Demo purposes).
- Improved Compass3D and SoundPlayer code.
- Improved FPCInputManager, FPCUnderwater and SoundManager.

Version 2.1.0 (23 Apr, 2018)
- Created a new scene: Minimal Demo.
- Unified FPC Pro Raycast Sensors part.
- Improbed kicks: objects can are pushed in both directions x & y.
- Fixed Bug SideKicks: Now sidekicks can push objects too.
- Fixed Bug: FPC Pro now can walk over regular floor stairs.
- Improvement: Demo Help GUI now has animation.
- Attributes: Updated some variables using some included fancy property drawers.

Version 2.2.0 (29 Apr, 2018)

- Created new scripts: FPCCore, FPCKick, FPCWallParkeur to make FPC Pro more modular.
- FPCStatus & FPCCore now handle all basic stuff.
- Improvement: All FPC Pro initilization code now uses the new FPCStatus cached references.
- Improvement: FPCSwim & FPCUnderwater have a hole new initilization code. It is more simple and fast now.
- Improvement: FPCPusher no longer needs its own AudioSource in ConstantPusher objects.
- Improvement: CharacterMotor.Move has been improved to avoid some physics penetration unwanted  side effects.
- Fix Bug: Underwater effect has bumpmap and works fine in 2017.x
- Fix Bug: FPCDirtyLens y FPCStatus now initializes fine in WebGL.

FPC Pro.
FPC Pro es un avanzado controlador en primera persona para Unity que incluye muchísimas características avanzadas.

​FPC Pro puede andar, correr, agacharse , tumbarse, usar escaleras, trepar muros, nadar, bucear, empujar objetos y enemigos e incluso usar una luz. Puede hacerse daño cuando cae y se cansa cuando corre.

​Tiene variados efectos de cámara, un montón de efectos de sonido y también incluye una atmósfera subacuática cuando está buceando.
Prueba la Demo pulsando en la imagen